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Please keep in mind that Open Camping Weekends at Trask will only provide your group with a campsite and if available, activity areas.

For EXCLUSIVE USE (350 campers max) contact the camping department to make arrangements; cost is $3,500 for a BSA group or $4,550 for a Non-BSA group.


Open Weekends at Camp Trask are fun for your Scout unit, family, church group, clubs or events. Open weekends offer you the environment to run your own program. Your group may have the opportunity to shoot BB’s and archery, hike, swim (from Memorial Day-the end of September), visit the Nature Center or Fort and explore the great outdoors.


enlightened  Trask Hours enlightened

  • Camp Check-In:  Campers may begin arriving at camp after 6 pm on Friday, not before.
  • Camp Departures: Campers should plan on departing from Camp by 11 am on Sunday


Weekend Cost: Friday night to Sunday morning

$10.00 per person/per weekend camp fee for BSA unit members

$13.00 per person/per weekend camp fee for Non BSA members

$300.00 per weekend to reserve and use the Kitchen and Dining Hall (one group only, per weekend)

$25.00 per weekend to reserve and use the Conference Room (one group only, per weekend)

$4.00 per Tent Rental (30 tents available)

$25.00 per group for Swimming Pool Use (Pool opens Memorial Weekend and closes the last weekend in September)


NOTE:  You will be required to pay a deposit of 50% of your total reservation when reservation is made; then 25% of the reservation is due 30 days before the date you will attend camp. We ask you to please come prepared to pay the balance of your reservation up at camp. If your numbers increase or decrease, the staff at camp will adjust your balance owed.


Activity Areas: BB’s, Archery and Rifle Shooting will be subject to the availability

  • BB's and Archery    $2.00 per person/ both activities
  • Rifle Shooting          $1.00 per 10 rounds / per person


Platform Tents: Tents sleep 2 persons and have cots with thin mattresses. There are only 30 tents at Camp Trask. Tents and deck sites will be assigned by the Ranger at Camp depending on the size of your group. You may be sharing a deck site with others. 

If you book a 2 person tent, rest assured that we will not be placing anyone from another group in your tent.  The tent is book by you and will be occupied by only you or your campers.


Other Important Information:
  • Medical Form: Each person coming to camp will need to have a completed medical form (youth and adults).  Please complete Part A and B only, the form is in the weekend packet next to the sign up link.
  • Permission Form: Every child who wants to participate in the activities listed need to have permission from a parent/guardian.
  • Scouting units will be required to turn in an approved Tour Plan for their reservation dates when they arrive at camp.
  • List of suggested items to bring to camp with you the program packet
  • Campsites are assigned when your group arrives at camp based on the size of your group.  We do not take request for campsites.
  • Trask has flush toilets and shower facilities at no extra cost.
  • Campfire ring will be run by Campmasters; all groups in camp will have a chance to participate.  Campfire ring cannot be reserved.  There are NO fire rings in camp sites, open fires are not permitted.
  • There will be no cooking over the campfire ring; all cooking must be done in your campsite with the use of camp stoves.  No open flames are allowed.  Propane stoves should be used.
  • Charcoal Cooking: You may use the camp bbq’s provided you are able to transport out the used charcoal (subject to LA County and USFS Dept)


BEARS: Camp Trask is located in the foot hills of Monrovia and adjacent to National Forest Land, Bears and other animals can and will visit your camp if you do not take the proper precaution as listed in our camping at Trask policy.

  1. All food must be stored in sealed containers
  2. All food need to be stored in vehicles (not in backs of Trucks)
  3. No food is to be left out in ice chest or stored in or around cooking area or camp sites.
  4. No food is allowed in tents
  5. Trash must be taken after each meal to the dumpster located behind the dining hall.


$4.00 per 2 person Tent
$10.00 per BSA Adult
$10.00 per BSA Youth
$25.00 per Conference Room Rental
$300.00 per Kitchen/Dining Hall Rental for the Weekend
$13.00 per Non BSA Adult
$13.00 per Non BSA Youth
Cancellation Policy
Up until two weeks prior to camp, cancellation fee of 25% of total reservation cost, after that, no refunds can be given.